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1. May, 2021

Hi all...

Sun shine very bright,from 7 am it feel so cold,but after 10 am,woah...its hot..i love the color of the sky,bright blue with a little bit of cloud scatter around. Even our elder said this week the sun feel burning his skin. Yes since a week a go we feel the weather change,usually we heard a lot of bug making noise when the sky clear,but this week not too many sound,we can say they are silent. I will keep update the situation here in our village...thank you to you who read this,leave us a comment,thank you.

29. Apr, 2021


Its been a long time we are not online,since all the thing become difficult.

But we still working,still try to build up our confidence to move on in this situation, as you all may be know,Bali had been hit by C19 issue that paralize our economic in Tourism,but we are survive,some cargo closed,and shipping little bit difficult for us.

From this letter we also wanna to say that we are asking for appologise to all of our costumer,because all very slow now,and some of the email has not been read or reply,and my english getting worse,since not too much connected to tourist anymore,but we are very happy that we still can move.

Here also we need to tell you good news since we had BPOM(certificate from Indonesian health department). All document will be in document section in this website.

Hopefully all will be better. Be safe out there,and may God bless you. Thank you.



Dayu Anie

Bali VCO famillies